Will Algorithms Dictate the Future of our Literature? | Dr. Elena Esposito #46

Will Algorithms Dictate the Future of our Literature? | Dr. Elena Esposito #46

Will Algorithms Dictate the Future of our Literature? | Dr. Elena Esposito #46 

Algorithms are everywhere. It's likely that one brought you to this video. And, depending on whether or not you like this episode, it might bring this video to someone else who will enjoy it, or the algorithm could crash it right into the place where content goes to die--or to be eaten like Stephen King's Langoliers. Let's hope that you enjoy it enough that it can stay amongst the living. Our guest this week Dr. Elena Esposito, and she has written a fantastic book that studies algorithms and their impact on communication. The title of her book is Artificial Communication: How Algorithms Produce Social Intelligence (Strong Ideas). In this episode, we talk about how algorithms preserve a kind of immortality, our enjoyment of the muddiness and work that goes into human communication, and we even bring Nietzsche into the discussion as well. This is a fantastic episode with an amazing guest. Make sure you feed the algorithmic gods by liking the video, subscribing to the podcast, and leaving a kind, thoughtful comment. Enjoy the episode. 


Dr. Esposito's Book: https://amzn.to/3MG0NSP


00:00 Teaser

00:18 Introduction

01:57 Beginning of conversation

03:40 Isn't the ability to communicate a sign of intelligence?

06:35 Why is beginning our study of communication with the listener so important?

14:19 The work that we need to put into our communication with another human is valuable

20:59 Why are lists so powerful when it comes to data and algorithms?

23:44 How do algorithms use distance reading?

26:31 Is there a problem with data dictating literary canon? Yes, I think so.

31:42 We have a Nietzsche sighting, so we must explore it. 

32:00 Does anyone appreciate my Debbie joke? No? I understand.

32:36 Is the imperishability of data on the web a Faustian agreement for immortality?

35:32 Personal story about teacher certification back in 2003-04, I think. 

41:01 Business communication through algorithms has its own problems

43:01 What should we be mindful of from your study?

44:18 Where can people learn more about your work?

45:25 Closing thoughts



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