Cyberattacks, Hacking our Infrastructure, Losing our Civilization | Dr. Daniel Graham #67

Cyberattacks, Hacking our Infrastructure, Losing our Civilization | Dr. Daniel Graham #67

Cyberattacks, Hacking our Infrastructure, Losing our Civilization | Dr. Daniel Graham #67 

We are growing increasingly more nervous about how the digital tools around us are able to gain more access to our information and to our lives. Whether we are thinking about simple things like malware and viruses to more complex applications like deep fake technologies and artificial intelligence. Even with my computer science background, I find these topics to be incredibly complex. That is why I have asked Dr. Daniel Graham on the show. Daniel G. Graham is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at The University of Virginia in Charlottesville, Virginia. His research interests include secure embedded systems and networks. Before teaching at UVA, Dr. Graham was a Program Manager at Microsoft in Seattle, Washington. He publishes in IEEE journals relating to sensors and networks. In this episode, we talk about ransomware, malware, ethical hacking, multi-layered threats to our infrastructures, and why we should take a beat and think about how much of our culture we want to digitize into the future. If you want to support our mission to bring civility back to discourse, hit the subscribe button, the like button, and leave a kind comment for me and my guest. The support is always appreciated. 


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00:00 Teaser

00:45 Introduction

02:12 Start of conversation

02:32 How did you get into cybersecurity?

07:04 What is ethical hacking?

10:32 Bug bounty hunting

11:44 Is there a strong community who want to help companies find these exploits?

14:39 How does ethical hacking help us defend our infrastructures

24:00 Can you envision a multilayered attack to our infrastructure in the USA?

32:07 How should we look at digital artifacts from a civilization perspective?

37:10 Why should we think of hacking people and not machines?

44:10 Should we be more worried about deep fake technology than we are?

48:46 Why is ransomware so successful?

53:52 Does the celebritization of hackers help or hurt our ability to stay ahead of threats?

59:53 What is one thing that makes you hopeful about the field and one thing that scares you?

1:06:01 Closing thoughts


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