ChatGPT, Cheating, Critical Thinking, and the Future of Humanity and AI | Dr. Teo Susnjak #65

ChatGPT, Cheating, Critical Thinking, and the Future of Humanity and AI | Dr. Teo Susnjak #65

ChatGPT, Cheating, Critical Thinking, and the Future of Humanity and AI | Dr. Teo Susnjak #65

ChatGPT has been discussed on quite the continuum: everywhere from a positive force for human evolution to the beginning of the end of humanity. Where do I stand on this issue? Well, I hope I make that clear by the end of the episode. Whether you stand on the positive side of the opinion spectrum or the negative, ChatGPT is undeniably ushering in something new in terms of technology. I have played around with it quite a few times and I find it to be incredibly fascinating--and so does our guest this week: Dr. Teo Susnjak. Teo Susnjak is a Senior Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Computer Science and IT at Massey University in New Zealand where he teaches courses in Data Science. He has authored a fantastic article on ChatGPT and online exam integrity entitled, "ChatGPT: The End of Online Exam Integrity?" We use this article in this episode as our way into discussing ChatGPT and what it is capable of doing. We also talk about the pros and cons of ChatGPT--some of which might actually surprise you. Finally, we give our overall opinions on our feelings regarding the trajectory of AI and the human species. As always, if you want to support our mission to bring civility back to mainstream discourse, hit the subscribe button, the like button, and leave a kind comment for me and my guest. It is always appreciated. 



Article Information:

Susnjak. (2022). ChatGPT: The End of Online Exam Integrity?


00:00 Teaser

00:38 Introduction

02:35 Start of conversation

03:25 What is ChatGPT?

08:49 Why did you pursue this study of exam integrity and ChatGPT?

11:39 Were you expecting ChatGPT to fail your tests?

12:41 What were your aims for the study?

14:40 Are students really cheating online or not?

24:11 Can ChatGPT help us to write better code?

29:47 Is ChatGPT a critical thinking entity?

32:42 Does plagiarism detection software work on ChatGPT?

39:35 What about educating students on the ethical problems of cheating?

44:09 ChatGPT is asked how it would secure online exams

48:29 There needs to be a change in the culture of education

50:14 What were your conclusions?

53:31 What do you think about the future of humanity and AI?

59:50 Final thoughts


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