Why are we so angry today? | Historical Movement Theory | #1

Why are we so angry today? | Historical Movement Theory | #1

Why are we so angry today? | Historical Movement Theory | #1 

In this first episode of the Neutral Ground Podcast, I take a little bit of time to introduce myself so that you can start to get to know me a little bit better. I’ll talk about my background in education, how I approach teaching in the classroom, and how I view thinking as a process. After that, I start to lay out my theory on what is feeding our current cultural climate of discontent. Spoiler alert: it has a lot to do with history and the pull of historical movements. What is Neomodernism? What is Postmodernism? What role does history play in how we treat each other as a species? If you’ve got a few minutes, and you're interested in a different take than the same old discussions, give the podcast a try, and if you like it, consider subscribing for more episodes. There’s a lot of great topics to talk about, people to interview, and ideas to grapple with. You might as well join us on this journey.


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00:00 What this show is about

03:28 Let me talk about my teaching a bit here

05:58 Teaching careful critical thinking to young people

6:55 Our culture is broken. We reward arguments, not dialogue

8:39 How to process thoughts for usefulness

14:43 Where did our contentious culture come from?

17:54 Historical movements theory begin

18:28 The Enlightenment

20:11 Romanticism and needing to feel something, whether it is God or nature

24:15 Modernism and reconsidering what it means to be human

32:33 Postmodernism and the age of skepticism

33:31 Is there good in Postmodernism? The answer is yes: the Civil Rights movement

35:48 Neomodernism and the political divide

41:28 Closing remarks


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Any one of the above items is equally important to me. I am genuinely humbled and moved by the feedback I'm receiving, and the support that I'm getting from all of you. Thank you

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