The Most Valuable information I learned in 2021 as a Podcast Host | #25

The Most Valuable information I learned in 2021 as a Podcast Host | #25

The Most Valuable information I learned in 2021 as a Podcast Host | #25 

From the podcasting rhetorics of Joe Rogan to a Holocaust survivor's story, I was incredibly fortunate to have been able to share some time with some incredible guests in this first season of The Neutral Ground Podcast. We talked about the Enlightenment, Romanticism, Modernism, Postmodernism, and Neomodernism, psychedelics, sacred space, the Sublime, mental health, obsessive-compulsive disorder, comic books, heroism, meeting Norm Macdonald, helping veterans deal with PTSD and finding their way back home, a lot of philosophy, the Eternal Soldier program, JRR Tolkien, Rock Camp, and so much more. It was an amazing experience. I have some great guests and fascinating discussions ready to go for the next season, so if you have not yet hit the subscribe button, do so. 


00:00 Introduction

00:40 Roll call

01:04 A couple of bugs in the system

01:51 Some highlights

02:53 Introduction to the clips

04:33 Podcasting rhetorics of Joe Rogan and Bill Burr with Matt Jacobson Episode #9

10:13 The importance of narrative in mental health with Laurie Singer Episode #11

16:29 The eternal question of purpose with Nick Gibson Episode #12

18:59 Norm Macdonald, not a comedian's comedian with Scott Hiam Episode #13

24:05 Making sense of leaving Afghanistan with Amanda Huffman Episode #15

27:48 Leaving the comforts of Plato's cave with Ben Killoy Episode #16

31:29 How nostalgia functions in our lives with Dr. Tim Overton Episode #17

33:07 Let them see you hustle with DC Glenn from Tag Team Episode #18

35:33 Imposing order on chaos with Matthew Munroe Episode #19

39:41 The butterfly effect with Pj Wehry Episode #20

42:09 Understanding shame in the Jrr Tolkien world with Dr. Max Brown and Dr. Sheila Murnaghan Episode #21

47:39 Deep fakes and individual data problems with Michael Fienen Episode #22

52:44 Entitled athletes or entitled agents with David Fishof Episode #23

55:04 How did you escape a Holocaust death? with Dr. Alex Hershaft Episode #24

59:48 A special message about divisiveness, politics, and where we need to be


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1) Postmodernism and a Joke Gone Too Far:

2) Neomodernism:

3) Podcasting Rhetorics and Joe Rogan | My Conversation with Matthew Jacobson:

4) Fighting the War Not Seen | My Conversation with Tim Overton:

5) Hit Song, Hit Commercial, and Still More to Do | My Conversation with Musician/Actor DC Glenn:

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