The Hero Emerges, Standing in the Midst of Chaos, and the Origin of Jake Jetpulse | Led Bradshaw #35

The Hero Emerges, Standing in the Midst of Chaos, and the Origin of Jake Jetpulse | Led Bradshaw #35

The Hero Emerges, Standing in the Midst of Chaos, and the Origin of Jake Jetpulse | Led Bradshaw #35 

Who needs a hero? We all do. In times of great anxiety, depression, and cynicism, the hero reminds us of what is good in the world and what is worth fighting for. This week on The Neutral Ground Podcast, my guest is Led Bradshaw. Led is the illustrator and co-author of Jake Jetpulse comics. Jake Jetpulse is based on Led's son, Jacob. He can fly, fight, and save the world like any other superhero, but there is one thing that separates our hero from Superman, Batman, and Captain America: Jacob has Autism Spectrum Disorder. However, that does not stop him from beating bad guys, helping others, and showing that heart and courage are still the two greatest ingredients that are necessary for saving our world. In addition to Jake Jetpulse, we discover another hero in our midst: the father figure. Led's story for how much he loves his son is truly inspirational. In this episode, Led and I talk about the origin behind Jake Jetpulse; we discuss the importance of embracing chaos at times; and we talk about the importance of the hero in relation to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It's a fantastic episode. Make sure to hit the subscribe button, and check out Led's works through the links below. 


Jake Jetpulse:

Main website:


00:00 Introduction

02:33 Start of conversation (origin stories)

10:41 When is a doodle not a sign of boredom? I learn a less.

13:56 Embrace chaos; learn to be comfortable with it

17:04 A teacher notices something in Jacob

20:10 The quest to learn about Autism Spectrum Disorder

20:34 Introduction to art therapy

27:43 People take notice of Led's work

29:33 Three things that stood out to me about Led's work

40:45 What challenges did you face early on?

49:42What has the reception been like from the public?

51:35 Why I wanted to speak with Led

56:21 The beauty of the first 3 phases of the MCU

1:00:36 Pursuing good to your detriment and Superman

1:03:42 Where can we learn more about you, Led?

1:04:20 Closing


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