The Anti Postmodern Author, Good vs Evil, and Unification in Suffering | Kevin M. Kraft # 41

The Anti Postmodern Author, Good vs Evil, and Unification in Suffering | Kevin M. Kraft # 41

The Anti Postmodern Author, Good vs Evil, and Unification in Suffering | Kevin M. Kraft # 41 

You've heard me discuss the importance of narrative reassurance in a neomodern sense. Our guest, Kevin M. Kraft, is a Neomodern author. He is writing character-driven stories that believe in constructs of right vs. wrong, good vs. evil, and characters who must face their greatest fears. I am not usually a big fan of modern fiction; however, Doboro and Momo employ archetypal figures that connect with my love of epic literature. This is a fantastic conversation. If you appreciate the work I'm doing, hit the subscribe/follow button; leave a kind comment or rating where applicable; and share the podcast with a friend to spread our Neutral Ground message of meaningful, civil discourse. More than anything, thank you for having taken the time to listen. 


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00:23 Beginning of introduction

02:24 Start of conversation

03:39 What was your journey like to becoming an author?

05:48 Does writing help to clarify your thoughts?

08:11 Creation of archetypal heroes

11:25 Did you learn about yourself from your Doboro character?

13:39 The power of reading in building courage

15:07 What role does suffering play in the world of your works?

18:32 You went counter postmodern on us. 

20:26 The warrior of faith and maintaining a substructure of belief

23:26 Is it more freeing to write from the perspective of characters than plot?

25:38 CG Jung and the return to the archetypal figures

31:33 Do we need to challenge our young adults more?

33:19 Young adults are resilient

35:20 Let's talk about your novel Momo and the relationship between Mark and Evan

39:57 How did you approach making Mark a flawed father figure?

41:49 Does Evan break the link of anxious father-and-son relationships?

44:03 Why did you write a character who is thankful for adversity?

48:50 What other projects are you currently working on that you can share?

52:29 I botch the simplest part of the podcast: saying I am grateful. I'm glad we talked about flawed characters. 

52:55 Closing thoughts


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