Should we Fear the Collapse of Morals More than Physical Harm? | PJ Wehry #49

Should we Fear the Collapse of Morals More than Physical Harm? | PJ Wehry #49

Should we Fear the Collapse of Morals More than Physical Harm? | PJ Wehry #49 

It seems to be getting more difficult to find reasons to laugh today, so let us do it for you. Our guest this week on The Neutral Ground Podcast with Dr. Joe Meyer is PJ Wehry of the Wehry Dads podcast and Chasing Leviathan, both of which are fantastic shows. In this episode, PJ and I talk about a potential crisis in young men and why mentoring is important; we discuss the importance of establishing positive relationships between parents and children; we give our take on a disturbing video that caused me great concern. (the link of the video is at the end of the description). One of the questions we try to answer has to do with whether or not we truly are getting worse as a society. I like PJ's answer, and I think you will as well. Make sure you hit the subscribe/follow button, and leave a kind rating and/or comment where applicable. Every little bit helps. 


You can find both of PJ's podcasts at his main website, Candid Goat Productions:


00:00 Teaser about moral vs physical harm

00:30 Introduction

02:01 Start of conversation. Did someone say, free sandwich?

03:50 What prompted you to start Wehry Dads podcast?

13:01 What is one trait in young men today that needs more mentoring?

18:49 The importance of creating moments for bonding with children

22:40 Why the parental bond of attachment is so important

31:20 The disturbing video on the subway and why it bothers me

34:53 PJ's reaction to the video

44:20 Have we become a herd of prey animals?

48:05 PJ and I give our best fighting advice when on a subway. 

52:19 Are negative videos on the internet causing more of a disconnect between us and humanity?

55:44 What is the #1 reason married couples sight as the reason they go through with divorce?

58:52 I give marriage advice to my college students

1:07:42 I thank my guest

1:08:23 Closing thoughts


Link to disturbing video on subway:

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