Salvation for the monstrous and the horror of being | Dr. Jon Greenaway #33

Salvation for the monstrous and the horror of being | Dr. Jon Greenaway #33

Salvation for the monstrous and the horror of being | Dr. Jon Greenaway #33 

Is there salvation for the monstrous? This is just one of the important questions we explore in this episode of the Neutral Ground Podcast with my guest Dr. Jonathan Greenaway. We talk about some familiar characters in this episode: Milton's Satan, Frankenstein's creature, Aliens, Scrooge, Bram Stoker's Dracula, and a little Jekyll and Hyde. At the core of the question is the relationship between the created and the yearning for theology. I think this episode connects nicely with our Neomodern concepts that we've been discussing for some time now. I hope you enjoy the episode. 


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00:24 Beginning of introduction

02:09 Beginning of conversation

04:15 Why hasn't scholarship taken the theology more seriously?

05:38 I do my best to fumble through a plot summary of Henry James

10:23 Monsters need theology; they crave it.

14:14 Frankenstein lacks a clear story of creation

16:15 Am I the only one who like Alien: Covenant? Really? Well then...

19:49 Our old friend, Milton's Satan, is back

22:23 Is there salvation for the monstrous?

27:48 Calvinism and the need for ambiguity

35:13 Fear, the Victorian Novel, and Dickens' Christmas Carol

37:44 Theology in Bram Stoker's Dracula

42:40 The fear of man destroying the soul

49:06 What are the monsters you draw from for your podcast?

52:07 Where can people learn more about you?

52:58 Closing remarks


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