Rock Stars, Superstar Athletes, and Bringing People Together through Song | with David Fishof | #23

Rock Stars, Superstar Athletes, and Bringing People Together through Song | with David Fishof | #23

Rock Stars, Superstar Athletes, and Bringing People Together through Song | with David Fishof | #23 

In this episode of the Neutral Ground Podcast, I'm joined by quite the impressive guest: David Fishof. David has led multiple lives. He was a sports agent for the Super Bowl winning quarterback of the New York Giants, Phil Simms, and he negotiated against the Yankees legendary owner George Steinbrenner on behalf of his client Lou Pinella--there's quite a story about that in this interview. Additionally, he is a tremendously successful music producer, having worked with The Monkees, Ringo Starr of the Beatles, Hermans Hermits, and many more. Additionally, David created the now famous Rock fantasy camp, where regular people can rock with the likes of Roger Daltrey of the Who, Ringo Starr, Joe Walsh, Bill Wyman, Alice Cooper, Peter Frampton, Kiss, and a whole host of other rock legends. People who attend David's Rock Fantasy Camp often talk about how the experience is life-changing, which is why a move was made to document some of these journeys. Having had a private showing of the movie, I can tell you that Rock Camp is a really heartwarming film. You do not need to be a big rock fan to enjoy it; you just need to be someone who enjoys seeing the human spirit get uplifted. There's fun; there's some comedy; and there are a lot of moving scenes where we're reminded of just how much we can accomplish as a species when we work together. I highly recommend you take a look at the film. I'm truly excited to present this interview with David Fishof. 

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