Psychopaths and our Media Fascination with Evil | Dr. Elizabeth Howell and Dr. Sheldon Itzkowitz #48

Psychopaths and our Media Fascination with Evil | Dr. Elizabeth Howell and Dr. Sheldon Itzkowitz #48

Psychopaths and our Media Fascination with Evil | Dr. Elizabeth Howell and Dr. Sheldon Itzkowitz #48 

Millions of people are consuming podcasts, tv shows, and movies about the psychopathic killer. What does it mean? What is a psychopath exactly, and are they always malicious killers? You might be shocked to find what our specialists have to say about that question. This week, we have two guests: Dr. Sheldon Itzkowitz and Dr. Elizabeth Howell. They have published a fascinating--and, at times, horrifying--book on psychopaths and why it is so important for specialists to take the threat of psychopathy seriously. We talk about why we are so interested today in psychopathic killers and why we are throwing watch parties for True Crime podcasts. I learn a valuable lesson about language, and I tell them about a terrible video involving a man on the subway in NYC that came across my YouTube feed. This leads us into a conversation about whether or not we have become a herd of prey animals who are only happy when we know we are not the ones being hunted. As always, if you like the conversation, hit the subscribe button, the like button, and leave a positive comment. I really appreciate the support. 


Shelly and Elizabeth's book from this episode (affiliate):

The Dissociative Mind in Psychoanalysis(affiliate):

The Dissociative Mind (affiliate):



00:00 Teaser on evil

00:31 Introduction word of warning

01:55 Reading from Flannery O'Connor's "A Good Man is Hard to Find"

03:20 Introductions for our guests

05:16 Start of conversation

6:04 Were there parts of the study of psychopathy that needed further clarification?

7:02 How does psychopathy differ from Sociopathy?

15:18 Can we say psychopaths are making decisions if their neurology only shows them one pathway of thinking?

18:00 I say something "brilliant." Wait for it...because I'm about to ruin it. 

19:21 I make the very mistake I just "brilliantly" uncovered in my prior comment. 

21:06 I admit my mistake and learn a valuable lesson.

21:38 Why we need a framework for understanding evil in the world

22:44 Did professional colleagues push back at your use of the word evil?

24:15 Throwing out the word "evil" can shut down a conversation very quickly

26:59 Does our interest in the psychopathic killer through podcasts and True Crime shows tell us something about ourselves?

34:57 Should we be worried about our interest in consuming psychopathic killers in our entertainment?

37:46 I talk about a terrible video I saw of a man on the subway. Are we becoming a herd of prey animals?

44:07 We are receiving physiological signals from our bodies when we engage with psychopaths

54:21 Sometimes, we have to be decisive and forthright with people 

56:13 Closing thoughts

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