Paradise Lost Book 4 Satan's Soliloquy Analysis | Dr. Joe Meyer #30

Paradise Lost Book 4 Satan's Soliloquy Analysis | Dr. Joe Meyer #30

Paradise Lost Book 4 Satan's Soliloquy Analysis | Dr. Joe Meyer #30 

In this extemporaneous reading of Satan's soliloquy from Book 4 of John Milton's Paradise Lost, we take a look at some of the more intriguing lines that show just how much Satan suffers under the weight of his own shame. I hope this solo episode helps to enrich some of the conversations that we are having on the podcast with my guests. Often times, I'll bring up Milton's Satan in a conversation, so I thought I might just do a video on how I read the character. It's one of the greatest poems ever written in the English language, and I highly recommend people read through it at least once--if for no other reason than to just let your mind absorb the sublime language and elevated thoughts that Milton uses throughout. It's truly an amazing work. 


00:00 Introduction and a little background

03:44 I start reading the soliloquy

09:15 We start to break down what is going on

10:57 the pride and ambition of Lucifer

12:58 A grateful mind by owing owes not

15:03 Had I been some lower angel on the hierarchy...

17:56 Is there room for repentance for Milton's Satan?

23:48 The rhetorical traps that we weave

28:50 my favorite part: bought with double smart

34:17 I will feed on hate, anger, and rage

35:05 DOH! I mean Hell. You do NOT want to abandon hope in Heaven

37:28 Connection to Darth Vader in Star Wars and his loss of hope

39:50 Buying into the delusion of grandeur

43:28 Should we feel sorry for Milton's Satan?


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