Incel Culture, Olivia Wilde take, Crisis in Young Male Identity | Drs. Sarah Daly and Shon Reed #54

Incel Culture, Olivia Wilde take, Crisis in Young Male Identity | Drs. Sarah Daly and Shon Reed #54

Incel Culture, Olivia Wilde take, Crisis in Young Male Identity | Drs. Sarah Daly and Shon Reed #54 

Incel (#incel) is a word that is thrown around a lot today, and, like many of the words we throw at each other today, what is behind the language is much more complex than we give it credit for. In this episode, Dr. Sarah Daly and Dr. Shon Reed break down what the term incel actually means, where it originated, why does it exist, and we talk about ways that we can help these young men today who believe that this is their best option for social connectivity. We also talk about actress/director Olivia Wilde and an interview she did about her movie Don't Worry Darling where she mentions incels and accuses Dr. Jordan Peterson ( #jordanpeterson ) Peterson of being the king of the incels. Is what she said helpful or harmful? I learn about red pilling, black pilling--all kinds of pilling that we can do. It's a fascinating conversation. If you enjoy it, make sure to hit the subscribe/like button and let me know.



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Incel suicide:

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00:00 Teaser

01:04 Introduction

03:07 Start of conversation

03:50 What is an incel?

06:58 Origins of incel as a culture

09:38 Cultures growing in incel communities

13:49 Red pilling, blue pilling, and black pilling

17:28 It's not just about women; there is male resentment as well through Chads

22:23 Is there a Nietzschean will to power dynamic going on here?

27:13 Conversations about violence

32:15 How did you keep potential biases in check for your study?

38:54 Interviewing self-identified incels and the problem with language

45:08 What is your take on Olivia Wilde's Don't Worry Darling interview where she mentions incels and Jordan Peterson?

52:23 We need to provide meaning for these young men and purpose

58:51 How do we prevent this community from growing?

1:05:59 My final thoughts on the matter 

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