Death of Batman (Kevin Conroy), End of Superman (Henry Cavill), Jetpulse Universe | Led Bradshaw #60

Death of Batman (Kevin Conroy), End of Superman (Henry Cavill), Jetpulse Universe | Led Bradshaw #60

Death of Batman (Kevin Conroy), End of Superman (Henry Cavill), Jetpulse Universe | Led Bradshaw #60 

Dear viewers, you're in for a treat today. We've got friend-of-the-show Led Bradshaw on to kick off season 3 of the podcast. Led has been on the show before to discuss his Jake Jetpulse comic series that he writes and illustrates with his son Jake. That was one of the more popular episodes of season 2 of The Neutral Ground Podcast. Well, Led is back and as you can tell from the length of our conversation, we had a lot to catch up on and talk about. We discuss the death of our Batman ( Kevin Conroy ); the end of Henry Cavill as Superman in the Zack Snyder Snyderverse; we talk about whether or not Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns storyline still holds up today; we mildly disagree on Matt Reeves and The Batman; we get into a little bit of the X-Men and the nuance of Magneto as a villain; and we get an update on Jake Jetpulse. It's always a pleasure when Led comes on the show. If you enjoy the episode, make sure to hit the subscribe/follow button; leave a thoughtful comment for me and my guest; and share the episode with a friend. We're bringing civility back to discourse one conversation at a time, and we need your help. 





Tik Tok: Jake_Jetpulse

Research mentioned on Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnoses: "Global prevalence of autism: A systematic review update",


00:00 Teaser

01:19 Introduction

02:51 Start of conversation

03:41 What prompted you to start the Jake Jetpulse comic series?

15:42 Your comic is an amazing tool for all parents

22:12 What comic characters or storylines drew you into the world of the hero?

29:09 X-Men taught me how to see villains and evil in a different light

33:31 When you think of Batman, who or what comes to mind? Spoiler: we both love Kevin Conroy

37:29 Who will be able to step in and become the voice of Batman? 

40:29 We disagree a bit on the Matt Reeves The Batman Film. 

51:43 Does Frank Miller's Dark Knight Saga still hold up today?

1:01:08 What do you think of Henry Cavil leaving the Superman role behind? 

1:10:12 The Snyderverse will be known for wasting acting potential

1:15:36 Is there any other option for the Snyderverse beyond just stopping the whole thing?

1:20:51 I think we need one more Cavil Superman film (Man of Steel 2) and then call it quits.

1:25:50 Just give the fans what they want to love

1:29:28 How can people support your amazing work?

1:30:45 Closing thoughts.


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