Cybersecurity, Celebrity Hackers, and Global vs Domestic Cyberwars | Dr. Duane C Wilson #42

Cybersecurity, Celebrity Hackers, and Global vs Domestic Cyberwars | Dr. Duane C  Wilson #42

Cybersecurity, Celebrity Hackers, and Global vs Domestic Cyberwars | Dr. Duane C Wilson #42 

It has been said that the next great world war will not be fought on land, sea, or air. It will be fought in the cyber world. If this is true, we will need all the help that we can get. That leads us to our guest for this week: Dr. Duane C. Wilson. Dr. Wilson has both professional and academic experience in cybersecurity. He has two companies of his own: Wilson Innovative Solutions provides companies with much-needed professional researching in cybersecurity; Wis Education provides continuing education in the field of cybersecurity, training the next generation. In this episode, we talk about the six main goals of cybersecurity; we discuss VPNs; anonymity online; how thieves are able to steal data and leave almost no footprints; blockchain technology and how it is connected to cryptocurrency; domestic and global cyber attacks; and the celebritization of hackers. This is a great conversation. If you enjoy the discussion, make sure you hit the subscribe/follow button, leave a kind comment or rating where applicable, and consider sharing the episode with a friend on social media. We want to bring our message of civil discourse to as many people as possible. Thank you for taking the time to listen to the episode. 


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00:00 Introduction

00:22 Opening remarks

02:03 Beginning of conversation

05:06 My shameful grade in Data Structures...oh, the shame!

05:58 What video games did you enjoy playing when you were younger?

07:56 Importance of the confidentiality, integrity, and accessibility goals in cybersecurity

10:17 Which of the three are most difficult to work with in a commercial setting?

12:37 How theft of data happens without people knowing it

13:38 Authentication, authorization, and non-repudiation--the most neglected goals in cybersecurity 

17:21 Is software good enough today to completely mask someone's identification?

19:28 Signing my name with a click on a pdf--how secure is that?

22:49 What role does blockchain technology play in cybersecurity? I thought that was just cryptocurrency.

30:49 Let's talk about VPNs. What are they, and what can they really do?

34:42 Do you want a VPN that I coded? The answer is no. 

35:28 Can you actually become totally anonymous on the web?

38:19 What's your favorite misrepresentation of cybersecurity in popular culture? 

39:56 What are our most difficult battles in cybersecurity today?

41:50 What are the particular challenges in global cybersecurity?

43:53 Using social media farms to attack a country's ethos--is this a cybersecurity issue? How?

46:38 On the Lex Fridman Podcast: the celebritization of hackers. Is this a good thing or bad thing?

53:50 What skills should people build to be successful in cybersecurity?

55:28 Where can we learn more about you and your projects?

56:37 Final words


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