Crisis in Men, Anger and Alienation in boys, What is Going on? | Dr. Robert Tyminski #62

Crisis in Men, Anger and Alienation in boys, What is Going on? | Dr. Robert Tyminski #62

Crisis in Men, Anger and Alienation in boys, What is Going on? | Dr. Robert Tyminski #62 

Is there a crisis in men and young boys? If so, what is causing this crisis? This week, our guest is Dr. Robert Tyminski. Robert has written a book that explores this question, and for him, one of the primary causes is the ways in which we approach our digital spaces. We discuss feelings of alienation, omnipotence, masculinity and femininity, breaking through the inner world of men, James Baldwin's hypermasculinity in public, what constitutes reality, and how this phenomenon did not simply appear in the 21st century. As always, if you find the conversation interesting, consider supporting our efforts to bring civil discourse back to the mainstream by clicking the subscribe button, hitting the like button, and leaving a thoughtful comment for me and my guest. As always, we appreciate your taking the time to listen. 


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00:00 Teaser (did this crisis appear out of nowhere?)

00:46 Introduction

02:45 Start of conversation

03:19 Why did you take on this study of male alienation and mental health?

08:35 Did this crisis appear out of nowhere or has it always been with us?

11:41 Does a man's inner world differ from a woman's inner world?

14:48 James Baldwin's hyper masculinity when speaking

17:48 How do you approach reconciling the femininity within the masculine?

23:18 How often do you have to negotiate what "reality" means with young men?

28:09 I relay advice that I heard about burying bad Tweets. (I don't recommend this approach, but I can see how it might work today.)

30:29 Do we have a language problem or communication problem in texting?

34:40 Will we eventually see the anxiety of thoughts getting people canceled?

36:50 Is there even a difference between a digital identity and a "real" one?

39:33 Why is encouragement so important for young people?

41:17 Why is simple information and encouragement important for young men in puberty?

47:07 Young people are having problems vocalizing/verbalizing issues meaningfully

49:28 Why was Brad (from the book) struggling so much, and how did he find some measure of social success through a penpal?

54:50: What does Freud mean by bodily ego and how does this connect with video gaming avatars?

59:26 What would you tell parents/guardians/individuals who want to move toward a more positive footing on this issue?

1:01:30 My closing thoughts


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