Can We use Philosophy to Solve our Neomodern Troubles of Today| with PJ Wehry | #20

Can We use Philosophy to Solve our Neomodern Troubles of Today| with PJ Wehry | #20

Can We use Philosophy to Solve our Neomodern Troubles of Today| with PJ Wehry | #20 

In this episode of The Neutral Ground Podcast with Dr. Joe Meyer, I sit down with PJ Wehry, co-founder of Candid Goat Productions, which serves two exceptional podcasts: Chasing Leviathan and Wehry Dads. This is a particularly jam-packed show. PJ and I discuss a lot of philosophy: from Kierkegaard and Charles Taylor to John Milton and the Romantics. We talk about trying to wrap our heads around the problem of reconciling private and communal suffering, as they relate to Steven Pinker's work on data. We even get into a bit of Star Wars and the DC comics live-action universe. Additionally, we spend quite a bit of time talking about how we're supposed to frame knowledge in the book of Job from the Bible. As I said, there is a lot here for you to digest. It's one of the longer episodes I've done, and with good reason. 

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