Can We Learn About Our Psychological Health from a Video Game? | Dr. Alex Kriss #53

Can We Learn About Our Psychological Health from a Video Game? | Dr. Alex Kriss #53

Can We Learn About Our Psychological Health from a Video Game? | Dr. Alex Kriss #53 

Do video games cause people to become more violent? This is a question that continues to come up whenever we deal with tragedies involving young people (especially young men) with a history of playing violent video games. Our guest this week, Dr. Alexander Kriss, a clinical psychologist, is skeptical of such claims. In this episode, we discuss how video game choices can help us better understand our own psychological state; we talk about why open-world games like MMORPGs are so popular; and we dissect the stigma of being a "gamer kid." We also talk a little bit about the following games: Myst, Everquest, Silent Hill 2, and even a little Resident Evil 2. So, hit the start button; choose your character; and join us for this episode of the Neutral Ground Podcast with me Dr. Joe Meyer. 


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00:00 Teaser

00:22 Introduction

01:26 Start of conversation

03:34 I talk a bit about a student who felt lost

5:00 Thinking of gaming as skillsets

8:22 Is building a relationship to a character healthy?

11:41 Anyone remember Everquest? Yeah? Well, let's get a party going.

13:30 Uncovering anxieties through gaming

17:44 Are there benefits to playing open world games?

20:50 When was the last time you loaded up Myst?

22:55 What can we learn from a game like Depression Quest?

27:16 Can you talk about the role that D.W. Winnicott plays in your study?

33:10 Is there just as much value in virtual play as there is in environmental play?

37:55 What is the relationship between violence and violent video games?

48:05 What are games telling us about ourselves?

50:05 What advice would you give to parents?

55:44 Closing thoughts. Go on a quest already. What are you waiting for?


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