A New Approach to Discussing Diversity through the Power of Enchantment | Chloé Valdary #52

A New Approach to Discussing Diversity through the Power of Enchantment | Chloé Valdary #52

A New Approach to Discussing Diversity through the Power of Enchantment | Chloé Valdary #52 

Our society is growing more polarized, despite our efforts to bring down the tension--and avoiding difficult discussions is simply not the answer. So, what can we do? Our guest, Chloé Valdary, has an answer: enchantment. What I like about Chloé's theory is that it places the value of the human being above all else; it seeks out the ways in which we are similar and highlights that we are at our best when we work together. In this episode, we discuss the three main parts to the Theory of Enchantment; we talk about whether or not these conversations should be comfortable or not; and we talk about an African proverb from Chloé's podcast. You're not going to want to miss this discussion. 





00:00 Teaser - Enchantment

00:25 Introduction

01:39 Start of conversation

02:25 What did you see in the world that led you to start the Theory of Enchantment?

04:26 How did a professor inspire you to think differently about the world?

07:52 How do you understand the term "enchantment" in relation to your program?

12:09 Do the conversations need to be comfortable?

15:22 Tenant 1: Treat people like humans, not political abstractions

19:30 Are we overcomplicating Maslow's hierarchy of needs today?

22:12 Tenant 2: Criticize to uplift and empower

27:05 We get Nietzschean and talk a little will to power

28:55 Tenant 3: Root everything you do in love and compassion

30:58 Hell is the abandonment of hope. Dante said it, and it still rings true today

35:37 Kendrick Lamar and understanding suffering

40:26 I give my own theory: "future tired." It isn't nearly as impressive as Chloé's 

42:44 How do you use the arts in your theory to get your message across?

47:36 Is it difficult for people to recognize internal manipulation within themselves?

50:34 I tell a sad story about a conversation I had with a woman in the grocery store.

51:45 How can we disagree with someone and still express a feeling a love with them?

55:18 Ending the conversation

56:03 Closing thoughts



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