What is an Eternal Soldier and How Can it Help Me? | with Max Brown and Bridget Murnaghan | #21

This is a special episode of The Neutral Ground Podcast. I have two guests: Dr. Kimberly "Max" Brown and Dr. Bridget Murnaghan. We're going to talk about the important role that ancient cultures play in understanding our modern world; we talk about the difference between warriors and soldiers; and we talk about one of the most important and impressive programs that I've ever come across for helping veterans: Eternal Soldier. In the words of Dr. Brown, "Eternal Soldier is archaeologists, classicists, historians, clinicians and veterans working together to present ancient material on war, warriors, and combat re-purposed for modern Veterans" (eternalsoldier.org/about).  What makes this program so unique is that veterans read texts like Homer's Iliad and Odyssey in order see connections between how ancient cultures handled war and the struggle to find purpose back home and how we struggle with it today. It's truly a remarkable program, and I urge everyone to check it out and help out as best as you can. We also talk about one of my favorite characters in the Odyssey that virtually no one ever talks about: Elpinore--well, I talk about Elpinore, but it was wonderful to have two other people to speak with about him. We also take a really interesting turn in talking about the differences between Frodo's and Sam's visions of home in Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. It's a fascinating discussion.  

 For more information about the magnificent Eternal Soldier program, please check out the following links:   

Main website: https://www.eternalsoldier.org/

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