The Business of Acting, Danger of Weapons on a Set, and Crafting a Laugh | Valorie Hubbard #32

All the world is a stage this week on The Neutral Ground Podcast. My guest is actress Valorie Hubbard. Valorie has a whole host of credits: Castle, Marvel's Agent’s of S.H.I.E.L.D; How I Met Your Mother; Glee; American Horror Story; Workaholics; True Blood; 90210; ER; Desperate Housewives; and she even voices “hot” Rhonda in the game Dead Rising 3. In this episode, we dive into a few deep ends: the psychology of acting; trying to keep it together when Adam DeVine and Jack Black are doing their comedic thing in front of you; the dangers of having weapons on a set, a la the Alec Baldwin Rust terrible incident; and how to change the approach of acting to be more like a business. I hope you enjoy the episode. Don't forget to hit the subscribe/follow button for more content.

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