Joe Rogan vs Bill Burr and Making Sense of Podcasting Rhetorics | with Dr. Matthew Jacobson | #9

I am excited to introduce the first guest of the Neutral Ground Podcast: Doctor Matthew Jacobson. Dr. Jacobson did his PhD at the University of Oklahoma. His research focuses on podcast rhetoric and how it can influence our engagement with public policy. We talk about how Matt came to study podcasting rhetoric; we'll dive into the three main analytics of podcasting that connect with the audience; and we'll talk about the infamous Joe Rogan episode with Bill Burr from 2020, where the two got into a somewhat tense, but entertaining, discussion about mask mandates. Come on in, and let's welcome Dr. Matthew Jacobson to the Neutral Ground.   

You can find Dr. Jacobson on Twitter at @makingarguments And you can send him an email at  

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