Faith and Science, Elon Musk's prayer, and Multiverse Madness | Dr. Jeff Zweerink #27

Faith and Science, Elon Musk's prayer, and Multiverse Madness | Dr. Jeff Zweerink #27

Are there ways to reconcile faith and science, and can doing so actually strengthen both? My guest on this episode of the podcast is Dr. Jeff Zweerink. Dr. Zweerink is an astrophysicist, specializing in gamma rays. We talk about the various multiverse theories--even the Marvel Cinematic Universe multiverse. We try to reconcile that there might be multiple versions of ourselves out there and what that means on human and theological levels. We talk about the inspiration of Star Wars and the science behind Luke Skywalker's famous image of the binary star system on Tattooine. I also ask my guest about the moving moment on the Lix Fridman podcast when he asks Elon Musk about the first launch of Space X and how Elon said a prayer for the people on board. Neither my guest nor myself try to pronounce or prescribe any religious belief to Musk, but we both find it to be a moving moment of humanity--with a little more to say on the topic added as well. Finally, we spend a significant time talking about the relationship between philosophy/theology and science and how the two can hopefully strengthen each other. This is a fantastic episode.

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