Comic Books and our Growing Need for Examples of Heroism Today | with Nick Gibson | #13

In this episode of the Neutral Ground Podcast,  my guest, Nick Gibson, and I  discuss a myriad of topics. We hit upon what comic books bring to the cultural landscape; we talk about his current writing projects: "Project Axis" and "2100 Samurai." We also dive into the feeling that you have something creative within you that you need to get out into the world, and how you might have to overcome obstacles to get that creative product out. Nick definitely had his moments where giving up would have been easy, but he fought through it. Things get a bit more serious, however, when we start to talk about purpose. The loss of purpose can often lead to people looking for it in desperate places. One of those desperate places are cults. We dive into that topic a little bit because that's where the conversation took us. I ask Nick about creating trusting characters in his work because we don't see a lot of trusting figures today, and I found his answer to be really interesting. Additionally, we talk a bit about the importance of freedom of speech as well and why we consistently write stories with a dystopian eye for the future.

Here are some places you can go to learn more about Nick's work:

Content Warning: Nick's work is generally made for adults. Keep this in mind.

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